April 21, 2024: Soggy Aesthetics

Soggy Aesthetics

A workshop with water

Mawignack Preserve, 52 Snake Road, Catskill, NY 12414

Sunday, April 21, 2024 at 1:00 pm

Part of the Inhabiting Landscape Workshop Series, created by Leslie Ruckman in partnership with the Thomas Cole National Historic Site, the Greene Land Trust, and Scenic Hudson.

Join multi-disciplinary designer and researcher, Leslie Ruckman, for a walking tour of the Mawignack Preserve followed by a hands-on workshop fabric dyeing with carefully harvested knotweed.

In Soggy Aesthetics, we will explore the ways in which water sculpts the terroir of Mawignack Preserve.

Water’s presence in a landscape is ephemeral, always shifting, always on the move, seen and unseen. A walking tour will mix storytelling and sensory exercises to attune our awareness to the presence of water in this landscape.

The tour will be followed by a hands on workshop, where water from the creek and knotweed carefully harvested on site, will be combined to create a natural dye bath. Participants will be asked to bring items made of natural fibers (cotton, linen, hemp, wool, etc.) they would like to dye.


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