• GLT Earns National Recognition

    Greene Land Trust is proud to announce today that it has achieved land trust accreditation from the Land Trust Accreditation Commission, an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance. Greene Land Trust is now one of 317 land trusts from across the country that has been awarded accreditation since the program began in 2008.Accredited Land Trust LogoAccredited Land Trust Logo

    To earn accreditation land trusts must submit extensive documentation and undergo a rigorous review. "Through accreditation land trusts conduct important planning and make their operations more efficient and strategic," said Accreditation Commission Executive Director Tamara Van Ryn. "Accredited organizations have engaged and trained citizen conservation leaders and improved systems for ensuring that their conservation work is permanent."

    When we started the accreditation process there were only 34 all volunteer trusts that had earned accreditation. We are proud to become part of that elite group and display the accreditation seal.

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  • GLT Receives Grant


    Greene Land Trust was the recipient of an $18,000  grant announced Monday (4/20) by Governor Cuomo. The grant will help GLT and other conservation organizations prepare a county wide inventory of natural and cultural resources. GLT met last fall with thirteen other conservation organizations that serve Greene County to talk about how we can help each other to accomplish the goals for our organizations. This project grew directly out of that discussion.


    GLT and other organizations will work with Hudsonia and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia and Greene counties. The project will begin by gathering available data about important habitat areas, significant biodiversity areas, lands protected by, land trusts or other organizations, public recreation features, important scenic resources, historic, cultural and archaeological resources and more. Hudsonia will then develop a series of maps that will make it easier to see and understand all of the information. 

    To read GLT's press release about the grant click here


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