IMG 0451 editedThe Willows at Brandow Point has over 1.5 miles of marked and mowed trails for your walking pleasure.

The Yellow trail begins at the entry station in the parking area. It begins as a wide "conversation trail" as it heads out behind the shed and down the hill to the River (about .3 miles). From there it heads up the hill behind the hunters cabin (along with the blue trail) before branching off to the right and into the woods along the river. Here it is a more narrow path through open forest and meadows till it reaches the upper junction of the blue trail at the far side of the meadow (about .4 miles).

The Blue trail starts by the River and goes up hill following the grassy path to connect back into the Yellow trail after about .2 miles.

The Red trail starts at the entry station and heads south behind the house and garage then it leads into the woods and works its way down the hill then along the river to meet the Yellow trail after about .4 miles. 

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