Our Current Projects

The Greene Land Trust is currently working primarily in the Hudson River Valley portion of Greene County to protect valuable habitat and cultural resources. In the future, we hope to expand our involvement to other portions of the County.

Here is a bit of information about some of our current projects:

Natural Resource Maps for Greene County 

Having easily accessible and accurate informaation is important to making informed decisions. GLT is working with Hudsonia, Cornell Cooperative Extension and Conservation Leaders Alliance partners to produce maps showing a variety of natural resources for Greene County. 

short earred owlshort earred owl


Willows smallWillows small

The Willows at Brandow's Point

We are also working to protect the Willows, a farmhouse in the town of Athens that was built in the late 18th century that is now listed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places. We acquired the house in October 2009 will undertake a sensitive renovation and then use the house to support environmental education on the surrounding land owned by the Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and at the nearby Cohotate Preserve.


Coxsackie creek wetlandCoxsackie creek wetland

Coxsackie Creek Wetland

This lovely wetland is located upstream from the Grassland Preserve, in the Town and Village of Coxsackie between Kings Road and Route 9W. It provides important habitat in its own right and also helps to protect the water quality downstream in the Coxsackie Creek as it passes through the Grassland Preserve.



Grassland Habitat Stewardship Project

Building on our work with the Coxsackie Grassland Preserve, we are working to inform the public and especially grassland landowners, about the importance of grassland as habitat, and about the wildlife that depends on the grasslands. The project will also work with land owners to become voluntary grassland stewards, working with GLT to take practical steps to manage their grasslands to protect and improve habitat. We will be adding more content to this site about Grassland Habitat Stewardship in the near future. (more)

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