Connecting the trails at Cohotate Preserve with Brandow Point and the Willows has been a goal - how it is a reality. Thanks to the owners of the private land between the two public areas who gave permission to cross and to volunteers who cleared and marked the trail. The connecting trail starts from the red trail where it is closest to the river. Give it a try, but please respect the private property and stay on the marked trail.Bob cutting grape vine for trail openingBob cutting grape vine for trail opening

  • Fairy Houses

    Budding architects created some innovative homes for the fairies at the Willows at Brandow Point. Thanks to all the arfairy hoousefairy hoousechitects and their assistants for another fun day of fairy house building. 

  • Happy Kids and Happy Birds

    Thanks to everyone who came out for a great event Saturday. We built more than 20 birdhouses plus feeders and nesting boxes. As an added bonus we got to learn how to use binoculars. And we had pizza to top off the morning. Thanks to volunteers from Athens Sportsmen’s Club and Greene Land Trust, and to the Athens Community Foundation for providing funding. 

    Proud of their finished productsProud of their finished products      Using the binocularsUsing the binoculars

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